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About Us

We Imagine, Inquire, Investigate, Explore,
and Create not just for us, but our children and families we serve because we Care!



Since we began our journey as Elite Kids Care, a quality family childcare in 2007, our vision and

tenacity has led us to provide quality nontraditional and traditional educational services to children and families, in fulfillment of our short-term goals. We have tailored innovative ways and ideas over many years to expand our inclusive childcare services in the Howard County region.

Today, the pursuit of our long-term goals and adventure to cultivate critical early childhood learning since the pandemic has taken us to another level. We are proud to launch Blooming Buds Learning Center (BBLC) childcare services in King Contrivance Village Center, an enrichment addition in a secured and mixed used development in a private location.  This transition replaces Elite Kids Care, to provide expansion opportunities and growth from a family childcare enrollment of 8 children, to a small childcare center with more space capacity to accommodate approximately 30 children. We will embrace and meet each child where he or she is developmentally, as we collectively provide opportunities for teachable moments offering quality childcare services to benefit all families.

Our inclusive program will provide opportunities to network with various agencies, social recreational facilities, other educational institutions, and organizations.  In partnering with the community, we welcome resources as a driving force to help with the economic recovery, support our general education children, special education children and ESOL families. These supplemental resources will provide employment opportunities for more qualified teachers and educational materials in support of children, as they embrace emergent and lifelong learning using forward thinking hands-on experiences for school readiness.

Mission Statement

Blooming Buds Learning Center model cooperative learning in a nurturing environment, that scaffolds guided instructions of children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development to facilitate their independence as lifetime learners.  BBLC embrace, inspire, nurture responsively, respect and enhance the educational and Social Emotional needs of all we serve: our children and families, our teachers and support staff, our team members and community partnership.


Vision Statement

Blooming Buds Learning Center commitment is to operate from a quality program perspective, mirror the corner stone of ethical conducts and core values of NAEYC that will embrace diversity, compassion, respect and integrity in developing children as a whole.  We will focus on a forward-thinking approach to prepare children to use critical thinking to inquire, investigate, explore, problem solve and social skills building, while using their creativity that will inspire them to succeed as they explore our changing world.

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