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Assessment Tools

Healthy Beginning is a resource learning guideline published by the Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Early Childhood Development in collaboration and partnership with Johns Hopkins University School of Education, Center for Technology in Education, recognizing that children are born with the potential and capacity for learning.  This comprehensive guideline is recommended for children from Birth through Three Years Old. Healthy Beginnings uniquely features the developmental milestones and activities for young children in various categories with a focus on growth in the various domains of Personal and Social Development, Language Development, Cognitive Development and Physical Development, recognizing that “milestones can occur at different rates and stages in a child’s development.”


"The Early Learning Assessment – is a formative tool designed to be used in the natural environment multiple times throughout the year. It is based on seven domains of school readiness for children between the ages of 36 months and 72 months:"

Social Foundations, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Physical Well-Being & Motor Development, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts.

Developmental Screening

Ages and Stages (ASQ-3) are approved developmental screenings by the Maryland State Department of Education and consist of questionnaires with instructions for completion by the parents to screen and assess their children’s developmental performance in communication, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem solving, and personal-social skills. It is further used to identify children “that would benefit from in-depth evaluation for developmental delays” with the implementation of early screening.  Licensed Child Care facilities are instructed to give two screenings annually to children ages birth to 36 months.  After the screening, staff will meet with the family to discuss the results to determine whether further evaluation is required.

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