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Children’s Learning and Development


Preschoolers – Three, Four, and Five Years Old (Orchids)

Expand the use of words combination enabling them to speak in sentences. Increase daily vocabulary rapidly through listening, imitation, and understand words through role modeling that they may not use themselves.



Children respond to request appropriately. Increased vocabulary of receptive language, with several hundred words using home language.

Spontaneously use new vocabulary when speaking.
Develops awareness, knowledge and appreciation of own gender and cultural identity.

Includes other children who have special needs, with guidance.
Throw and kick balls forward, catches balls using two hands. Hops forward on one foot while maintaining balance. Draw creatively using paper, crayons, markers, and various art materials – brushes and paint.

Imitates animal movements and sounds, demonstrates improved eye-hand coordination and concepts through movements.

Regularly practice new skills of unstructured physical activities and organized physical activities for at least 60 or more minutes.

Usually dresses self and put shoes on without assistance.



Caregiver increasingly use and explain complex words, in context when talking with a child.
Create opportunities for child to listen, learn new words and identify them when spoken or heard.
Engage children in open-ended conversations about what he she is listening to, seeing, and doing.
Build and expand by using more complex vocabulary of what child says or do.
Model appropriate words usage to describe objects, support ELL-use prop, gestures, and role play.
Create a safe environment and equipment at various skills levels (balls, climbing equipment, balance beam. Encourage child to engage in standing and hoping activities that uses one side of the body at a time. Provide opportunities for dance and active movement activities. Teach new skills age appropriately.
Create opportunities for child to use pincer grasp of thumb and forefinger, picking up small objects, gluing, peeling or sticking stickers.
Create opportunities for activities that include running up and down hill and winding pathways.
Provide several opportunities for child to engage in various fun physical activities and active music movement, obstacle course indoors and outdoors.
Offer sufficient guidance and opportunities for child to take care of self, with enough time to take care of personal needs.

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