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Victoria  Doe Herring


I am Victoria Doe Herring, Director. Welcome Summer! You are now in on great community news! It is an exciting time of the year to lunch Blooming Buds Learning Center, an inclusive addition to Howard County. We are now enrolling and invite parents for on-site visits to tour our interactive fun learning environment, as well as meet our team of professional and caring teachers. Collectively, we look forward to a life-long journey of adventure through age and developmentally appropriate play, role modeling, positive affirmations, and hands-on educational activities.


At Blooming Buds Learning Center, we embrace children and families in a nurturing, cognitive, supportive, and engaging environment. Our goal is to promote creativity and opportunities for children to explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math,) as they develop social skills experiences, self-independence, and problem solve. With positive guidance, we encourage children to build upon their imaginations, creativity, and promote forward thinking for kindergarten readiness.


Counting 14 years plus, nurturing our young learners and Maryland’s future, I am delighted to share my experiences. I earned a degree in Early Childhood Education, Sociology and Management. Operating as a former family childcare provider and teacher, has created an opportunity to serve as a director. I am excited to grow, learn, and embrace new ideas on this journey with children and their families. I believe that parents are their children’s first teacher. Collaboratively, we embrace family involvement and engagement to build a trusting and lasting relationship in developing children, an enrichment to our program. My free time is inclusive of family, self-care, nature-outdoor, and reading.


Over the years, I have observed children through their developmental milestones, saying one to two-words, then building new words into sentences at their own pace, a road map to emergent literacy. Importantly, to recognize indicators, create, and promote strategies for children to make new friends, adapt to social skills, as they learn about the world through the lens of a child’s eye.

With intentional teachings, our goal is to follow children lead through symbolic or purposeful play. We believe this has led us in the direction to observe what children know, what they want to learn, and how they will learn. This has also contributed to how children see themselves develop as they gain knowledge, independence, and grow with confidence.


We invite parents to partner with us, join our team with all aboard, as we began our journey of learning together! Thank you for choosing Blooming Buds Learning Center and entrusting us with your children.

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